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About HP Diamonds

It Starts With A Family

We are a British, family-owned jewellery house with a profound passion for diamonds and exceptional jewellery.

Our specialty lies in seeking incredible diamonds & gemstones, and creating bespoke pieces. As a family owned jewellery house, we are not just purveyors of exquisite jewellery; we are curators of unparalleled beauty, crafting a world where luxury meets artistry. Our passion for diamonds is embodied in every facet of our business, and our commitment to excellence knows no bounds.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our journey begins with a profound dedication to sourcing only the most exceptional gemstones, particularly Natural Diamonds. Quality is our cornerstone, and to ensure that we only offer the crème de la crème of gem-grade Natural Diamonds, we have implemented an uncompromising quality control and standards process.

Exclusivity Redefined

Our standards are set so high that we accept only 1% of the world's gem-grade Natural Diamonds. These are the diamonds that have been deemed colorless, falling into the esteemed D to F category. While the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut) serve as the foundation of our selection process, we take it a step further.

A Gemstone as Unique as Its Wearer

We firmly believe that each of these magnificent gemstones is as unique as the person who wears it. It is our solemn duty as jewellers to present them in their most perfect and radiant form. Every HP Diamonds creation tells a story of unmatched craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and the pursuit of absolute beauty.

Excellence in Detail

Our meticulous selection process is not limited to the 4Cs. We scrutinize each diamond's ratio, fluorescence, table and depth percentages, and all other specific parameters and measurements that truly allow a diamond to shine and stand out from its competitors. It is this unwavering attention to detail that sets us apart.

Our Promise

At HP Diamonds, we don't just sell jewellery; we curate experiences. With a legacy of crafting the finest luxury high jewellery, we invite you to explore our world of breathtaking beauty. Discover pieces that transcend time, elevate style, and capture the essence of luxury. Welcome to House Preston, where every gem is a masterpiece and every creation is an ode to unparalleled excellence.

Indulge in the extraordinary. Embrace the exceptional. “Mark the moment” and Experience HP Diamonds.

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