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Diamond Buying Guide

Diamonds are our passion.

Our curiosity and the search for finest diamonds has made us experts in the field.

To help you find the perfect diamond, we would like to share our knowledge of diamonds.

The Four C's


The four elements the world uses to define a diamonds beauty: Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat.

At HP Diamonds, we also pay attention to the other Cs: Certificate, Creativity, and Conscience.


Diamond cut refers to how well a diamond's facets interact with light, influencing its brilliance and sparkle.

The GIA's cut grading system ranges from "Excellent" to "Poor." A well-cut diamond maximises its beauty, making cut one of the most significant factors in assessing a diamond's quality and desirability.


Diamond colour grading assesses the absence of colour in a diamond.

A chemically pure and structurally flawless diamond is completely colourless.

The GIA D-to-Z scale measures the degree of colourlessness, with D representing colourless and Z indicating increasing presence of colour, affecting the diamond's quality and value.


Diamond clarity evaluates the presence of internal and external imperfections or "inclusions" and "blemishes."

The GIA clarity scale ranges from "Flawless" to "Included" (with subcategories), rating a diamond's transparency and purity.

Higher clarity grades signify fewer imperfections, enhancing the diamond's quality and value.


Diamond carat refers to its weight, not size or quality. One carat equals 200 milligrams, and larger diamonds are rarer and more valuable.

Carat weight affects the diamond's price, but it should be considered alongside other factors like cut, colour, and clarity for overall quality assessment.


The HP Diamonds Promise

Three More C's


To guarantee an unbiased assessment of your diamond's quality, it is essential to have it certified by one of the prominent independent and recognised certification laboratories.

GIA is the worlds strictest and most esteemed independent grading body in the diamond industry, which is why each HP diamond bears certification from the GIA, the authority behind the 4 C's grading system.


A beautiful diamond should only be paired with a beautiful setting.

The design of every HP Diamonds piece is done to the tell a unique story of its wearer. It is our solemn duty as jewellers to present them in their most perfect and radiant form.

At HP Diamonds, we don't just sell jewellery; we curate experiences. With a legacy of crafting the finest luxury high jewellery, we invite you to explore our world of breathtaking beauty.


At HP Diamonds, we are dedicated to ethically sourcing natural diamonds. We rigorously confirm that our diamonds have no links to armed conflict or human rights abuses, adhering to responsible sourcing.

Our preference for Natural Diamonds is driven by our commitment to supporting the well-being of communities near diamond mines. We believe in the positive impact the diamond industry has on these communities, offering financial support, employment opportunities, education, healthcare, and economic development.

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