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Hereford Heart & Pear Trilogy Ring

The Hereford Heart & Pear Trilogy ring is the choice for those seeking everlasting love and beauty. This Masterfully crafted ring in your choice in precious metal, features a Heart Cut diamond centrepiece accentuated by two perfectly proportioned Pear Cut diamonds.

The image shown is representative of a 2.00ct centre stone.



Match Shapes:

Match Shapes

Ring Style:

Ring Style

Purchase a model ring which is a representation of the finished piece. Created in silver and non precious gemstones, this piece will look the same as the finished piece, providing you 100% guarantee that you will love your bespoke jewellery!

The model ring is 100% refundable if you decide to purchase your finished piece with us.

Talk to our diamond experts who will guide your every step of the way. Please click here to book an appointment or call or text us on +44 7379 119500

white gold
Hereford Heart & Pear Trilogy Ring Sale price £5,500
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